The participants were greeted by Director General József Rajna, followed by a welcome speech by economist Sándor Varga representing the bishop’s office. During the meeting, auditor Maria Galiș presented the usual audit report,  which was positive again this year, and then  chief accountant Enikő Pentek analyzed the financial balance of  2022, pointing out the measures taken by the organization to maintain its economic stability amidst the challenges caused by the war and the increase in energy prices.  

After the previous year's budget was approved by the members with voting rights, reports by the filials followed, presented by Károly Kiss (Margitta) and Dr. Tibor Czier (Tasnád).  Dr. Enikő Gyöngyi Uitz also reported on the activities of medical offices operating in the Caritas headquarters.  The future plans were presented by Director General József Rajna and Managing Director József Dunai, among which the further renovation of the Saint Joseph Social Centre and the provision of a more modern storage space are of paramount importance.

At the end of the meeting, they commemorated the members of the association,  Father Demeter Curaliuc and Dániel Szabó,  who passed away last year.