In the soul of every man there is compassion for their fellow human beings, as well as a desire to manifest it in various ways. The work  of our organization is based  precisely  on this innate trait of human nature.

Our services include soup kitchens, retirement homes, daycare programs for old people, medical dispensaries, home care, emergency aid, and a youth program. .

In all this, we are given an indispensable support from local and foreign sponsors, among which there are humanitarian organizations, institutions and private entities as well.  They all do their best to support our work not only financially, but with exchange of experience, advice, and most of all with aid cargo. These aid cargos are a real tangible help for those in need, containing clothing, footwear, household appliances and house ware, furniture, sanitary objects and material, cosmetic and personal hygiene products, food products.

Although the Caritas organization strives to become more independent of sponsors, it remains forever open to working with new partners, and to keep fruitful relations with existing sponsors.

In addition to the headquarters of Oradea, we have active subunits in Marghita, Tasnad, Santau, Salonta, Săcueni and Osorhei localties.

Currently, our organization cares for 140 pensioners in 4 nursing homes, and accommodation and meals are provided in the boarding school for 45 pupils from rural areas.

At the social canteen in Oradea, a hot meal is provided daily for 70 needy people, and at what in Marghita, for 30 others the poor. The seven home care centres, contribute to alleviating the suffering of 350 patients in total, and in the polyclinic receives more than 100 patients per month.