Our home care centre provides real support in alleviating the burdens of these families, supporting the rehabilitation of the sick through specialists in the field, easing the conditions of life. Our caregivers also have an important contribution in advising the family members, in order to initiate and maintain the most harmonious relations between them and the sick relatives.

Within the organization Caritas Catholica, the home care center has been operating since 1997. Medical-health personnel provide the following services at the home of the patients: administration of injections, infusions, wound treatment, measurement of blood pressure and blood glucose levels, provision of personal hygiene of the sick, medical gymnastics, application and change of urinary catheters, etc.

At the same time, at the headquarters of the center we ensure the possibility of renting various sanitary items accessories (wheelchairs, crutches, hospital beds, walking frames,   etc. . ). Our services   are authenticated by the  natională health insurance case, i.e. we have a contract with CAS Bihor, so we can offer free of charge the benefit of the settled services.


Main office

Piața Ion Creangă Nr.: 2.,
410009 Oradea, Bihor County

Phone: +40(0)259/470-013
Coordinator: Andrea Tóth

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