The Caritas Soup Kitchen offers a daily hot meal to homeless people, sick people, unemployed, handicapped, low pension elderly, and big families. Our beneficiaries have access to a clean dining room and restrooms. The food is prepared in EU-standard kitchens by trained professionals. The kitchen staff is complemented by students from the local professional cooking schools, who are doing their obligatory professional practice at the Caritas Soup Kitchen.

Beneficiaries are selected through a so-called social inquiry. This means that a priest, together with a social worker pay a visit to all the poor people who have applied for the daily hot meal, in order to see their living conditions and to determine where the help is needed the most. In some of the cases we also provide catering for sick old people who can not leave their homes due to their limited mobility.

Besides these private persons, the same kitchen also prepares food for two elderly homes and a boarding school in Oradea.

Our caring sponsors have helped us to equip the kitchen with top quality professional equipment, and made possible for us to produce high quality food in a safe, hygienic and productive way. Unfortunately more and more poor people are needing our services every year. In wintertime we always seek to increase the number of beneficiaries for the cold months.