The participants were welcomed by General Manager József Rajna and Executive Director József Dunai, after which auditor Mrs. Maria Galis presented the usual annual audit report, pointing out the new challenges generated by the classification of Caritas Catolica Association as a public utility organization last year. Mrs. Enikő Péntek, chief accountant, analyzed the financial balance sheet for 2023, listing the measures taken by the organization to preserve its economic stability. Among the biggest challenges in recent times, she mentioned the lack of skilled labor, the costs associated with salaries and the fact that, due to the tightening of border regulations, it has become almost impossible to receive humanitarian shipments from abroad, which represent the basis of charitable activities at Caritas.

"The activity of Caritas Association must continue, no matter how difficult the period ahead," stressed diocesan bishop László Böcskei, who added that the organization's leaders must strive for a balance that not only maintains existing structures, but also responds to new social challenges.

During 2023, 118 elderly people were cared for at Caritas Catolica Association's retirement homes, 85 needy people were provided daily hot meals in social canteens, and almost 300 patients were cared for in the home care program.

"Last year we distributed hot meals and food packages worth a total of 352,000 lei to those in need directly and through the institutions we collaborate with. Our organization received donations from Hungary and from abroad, as well as donations worth 72,400 lei from the Romanian National Food Bank, which consisted mainly of fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurts, desserts and soft drinks, which meant significant savings for the social canteen. These donations were given to our registered social cases and residents of residential care facilities. At the same time, with the support of SOEB Association from the Netherlands and with the help of our volunteers, we continued to distribute hot meals as part of the winter relief program. In three months we managed to distribute a total of 1200 servings, food packages containing sugar, flour, oil, rice, pasta and sweets to 100 people and fire briquettes to an additional 100 people. We managed to take an important step in the field of home care: in June we re-entered into a contract with the Health Insurance House, so we continued our activities both in the social and medical fields" – said Mrs. Enikő Péntek.

After the previous year's budget was approved by the voting members, the reports of the subsidiaries followed, presented by Károly Kiss (Marghita) and Dr. Tibor Czier (Tășnad). After that, board members discussed the charity's strategy for next year. The meeting ended with a feast in the dining room of St. Elizabeth's Home.