"Everyone who cares for someone living with dementia at home, as a relative or as a care professional in az institution has a care solution and a positive example up their sleeve that can benefit us all" – emphasized Andrea Dombi, social worker, member of the organizing team in her welcome speech. "While in the traditional perception dementia is a pathological disease of the central nervous system that gradually degrades the personality and identity of the patient, the new approach draws attention to the fact that the quality of care significantly influences the difficulty of experiencing the disease and the involvement of the person living with dementia" – she added, pointing out the importance of continuous self-education of those caring for patients.

In her presentation, specialist nurse Zita Varga talked about a number of topics that can facilitate the care process, starting from the stages of deterioration, proper communication and setting a daily agenda to specific care techniques. Everyday activities such as feeding, helping with personal hygiene or administering medications prescribed by a doctor were also discussed.

The presentation was interactive, so those present could ask questions from the expert, and they could also share their own experiences, ideas and difficulties.

"Dementia care takes up a lot of things – time, energy, financial and spiritual resources. But at the same time, it can also add something to our life and our relationship with the patient. Ágnes Juhász, dementia specialist, gathered positive experiences from all around the world, which included: high level of intimacy, the power of trust, the calmness that emanates from the ideal caregiver and the environment around them, spirituality as an experience and attachment to someone who needs us, the ever-deepening relationship,  the cessation of superficiality, which is replaced by attention, listening, monitoring, analysing body language, and the existence of unconditional love" – pointed out the speaker, Zita Varga.

The next Alzheimer's Café meeting will be in March.