As part of the event, auditor Maria Galiș presented the traditional audit report, and then the chief bookkeeper, Mrs. Enikő Pentek presented the financial balance of the year 2020, pointing to the measures taken to provide the necessary financial background for the continuation of social activities, and to keep in balance the economic situation of the organisation during the difficulties caused by the pandemic. After the budget of the previous year was approved by the members with voting rights, the branch offices` reports were presented by Károly Kiss (Margitta) and Dr. Tibor Czier (Tasnád). Director-General Jozsef Rajna and Managing Director József Dunai presented future plans, among which the further development of the St. Joseph Social Centre and assuring of a more adequate storage hall are of particular importance.

Laszlo Böcskei, the county bishop who hosted the event, thanked the staff for their perseverance and self-sacrificial attitude during the pandemic, which has affected the employees and managers of elderly homes and home-care from both a physical and spiritual point of view. He encouraged those present to continue their work with thoughts inspired by the speeches made during Pope Francis' apostolic trip to Iraq. The Archbishop expressed his total support to the Caritas management and the members present. 

At the end of the meeting, Margit Henning, the founding member of the association who has passed away last year, was remembered with a joint prayer.