At the beginning she was helping the church communities and the poor people in Osorhei, right after the Romanian revolution, than later, as pastor Rajna Jozsef from Osorhei was appointed director of Caritas Catolica, she also has extended her charitable activity – serving not only the poor community in Osorhei, but all the needy people of the diocese. She has opened up her heart to all the calls for help, and she tried to fulfill as much requests as she could by gathering and sending aid transports and medicine from the Netherlands to Romania.

She has personally selected, sorted and categorized the medicine. Her hard work and precision were to benefit the entire Caritas community. She has given not only materials, but also know-how to the nurses of the Caritas Homecare Service (CID).

She has regularly visited us, and also visited the sick people in their homes, telling them kind words, easing their pain. We will never forget her kind smile, which was shining through the darkest periods of those who were suffering, her endless love while standing on the bedsides of sick people, caressing them, giving them hugs and kisses as if they were all her own relatives. Besides the organized help provided to Caritas, she often gave personal gifts to the beneficiaries of Homecare Services.

We are remembering her in our prayers, and we will keep her memory with thankful hearts. Rest in peace dear Trijntje!