The center has rooms with 2 or 3 beds, toilets, color TV, elevator. Residents receive three meals and snack after meals each day, help in maintaining personal hygiene, medical care, periodic medical investigations.

Residents have access to social activities and recreation such as: TV viewing, press and books, chess and rummy games, celebrations of birthdays and main religious holidays, and last but not least the practice of religious/ spiritual life, a Roman Catholic priest and a reformed one are at their disposal. All these services are offered permanently with the help of our qualified staff.

The services offered are:

  1. Care and supervision services, both day and night
  2. Administration of medical treatment;
  3. Assistance for carrying out daily tasks (dressing, personal hygiene, etc.);
  4. Food management;
  5. Purchase of medicines;
  6. Recreational activities;
  7. Occupational therapy;
  8. Recovery program.

How one can become a resident

For the services offered in the home, a fee is charged on the basis of the package of services which is calculated according to the socio-medical assessment sheet and the social survey.

The price of basic services starts at RON 1400 depending on the needs of each of them in which the offer of accommodation, meals, medical services, as well as hygiene is included.

Social cases shall be approved by the management of the unit.

Documents required for admission:

  1. application for registration
  2. copy of ID card
  3. copy of pension coupon
  4. medical assessment sheet – completed by the doctor of the unit
  5. medical records from hospital (in case)
  6. medical examinations: pulmonary RX, VDRL, parasitological and bacteriological examination

Eligibility criteria of beneficiaries: elderly persons (over 65 years).

On the basis of the documents and the admission decision, the contract for the service for one year with the right of extension shall be signed.

About the costs of the center:

The different service packages are established on the basis of socio-medical analysis, according to needs and health status.

The home receives a grant from the Bihor County Agency for Payments and Social Inspection (AJPIS) on the basis of Law 34/1998. The subsidy is 250 lei per person, granted to 22 residents.