Since 2020, more than 1760 tons of short-term food have been redistributed to NGOs and their beneficiaries, thus reducing food waste, which is otherwise very high in the world and in Romania. In the last three years, 23,000 people in difficulty have received regular donations of food in Bihor County. We are delighted that we, Caritas, as partners, managed to be part of this huge charitable work. The donations received from the food bank benefited the inhabitants of our nursing homes, the beneficiaries of the Caritas Soup Kitchen, as well as all those registered in our system – small pensioners, sick, needy, homeless people and families with many children – for whom we offer regular periodic donations have benefited. At the same time, our cooperation with the Food Bank of Oradea is marked by reciprocity. We have helped each other countless times, both with products and logistically, in recent years, whether it was the pandemic, the refugee crisis or natural disasters, we have helped people in difficulty shoulder to shoulder. We not only receive from the Food Bank, but also share with them if we have an excessive amount of a particular product. Thus, what we cannot use, we give through the Food Bank to dozens of other social organizations in Bihor County. This type of cooperation existed only to a small extent and only between a few organizations in Bihor County before the Food Bank appeared. We are glad that we met Gabi, Bogdan, Ion, Roxana, Anca and the rest of their enthusiastic team who had and continue to have a positive impact in the civic sphere of Bihor County. We hope that together, by strengthening each other, we can continue to develop so that we can help as many people in need as possible.