It is almost incredible to quantify that Mr. Peter did over 1300 hours of volunteering for the benefit of Caritas Catolica Association last year alone. What's more: he has been volunteering continuously for 28 years. As a permanent deacon, in Austria he constantly collects food, medical supplies and other donations, which he personally transports to Oradea by his own car almost every week. In addition, he recruits volunteers and organizes working groups, thanks to which Austrian vocational school students and specialized teachers can work as volunteers on the renovation of St. Joseph's Center. Since the outbreak of the war, he has pledged to transport our collected donations for refugees to Ukraine on a monthly basis. He played a role in the founding of the Children's Home in Sâniob, which later became independent, is a regular supporter of the caritas social canteen, also visits the residents of the nursing homes, keeps track of their needs and always surprises them with something. And these are just a few of the things he's done for us over the last three decades.
We are delighted to have shared with him the joy of yesterday's gala evening. He deservedly received the award for the most outstanding volunteer of our association! We thank DASO for organizing the Volunteers' Gala again, after two years of pause due to the pandemic. It means a lot to us that the city officially recognizes the work that NGOs and their volunteers do for the community of Oradea, especially in the service of the sick, the needy and people in vulnerable situations.