In the morning, the young volunteers moved furniture and equipment to the renovated wing of the St. Joseph Social Center, then at noon the program continued at the St. Elizabeth Elderly Home, where Andrea Nagy, the coordinator of the institution, and Emőke Pintér, medical assistant, introduced the volunteers to the techniques of handling a wheelchair and professional support for an elderly person in walking. The young people were able to test what they had learned first with each other, and then they could soon put their knowledge into practice, as they took some of the braver inhabitants of the home for a walk to the closeby park. After that, the volunteers of Halo Association also performed a touchingly beautiful choir performance while the elderly, who got hungry after the walk, ate their well-deserved lunch.

The day ended with a hilarious flouring session at the Sirul Canonicilor warehouse of Caritas, where the youngsters dispensed 100 servings of flour into smaller bags -  which will be later donated to needy persons. The work, although tough, was performed in an extremely good mood. We thank the young people for the work they have done enthusiastically and conscientiously. The photos below tell us about the atmosphere.