Everyone's "Mr. Szabó" has been with us from the beginning. He took part at the foundation of the organization, and for decades he strengthened the Caritas team as an employee. He remained active until the very end, and until his health permitted, but even after that, he gave assistance to the Caritas staff by phone.

In the beginnings, he has worked in the economic department of Caritas, he was involved in the management of the production work when in the years after the revolution the Caritas organization had small soda water bottling and pasta production plants, as well as mills, and then for years he managed the work of the sorting department of goods. He has trained many of our most capable employees. In recent years, he has been working in the social services department. He was the head of Caritas' emergency relief program, and he coordinated the collection of second-hand clothes from the population and kept in touch with local authorities in rural areas to distribute clothing donations.

He was a versatile and precise employee. A pillar of the Caritas community who's always accomplished the task entrusted to him. Thousands of poor people have been receiving benefits for years thanks to his contribution.

In our memory, we will never forget his figure, as he walked between the offices and the warehouses always wearing a shirt and with a vintage briefcase in his hand, and as he walked around he did not pass anyone without saying a few kind words to them or telling some old-fashioned joke.

We are grateful to him for his versatile, always honest service, for his work among poor and Roma communities, and for always keeping in mind the progress of the Caritas organization as a founding member. We are grateful for the gift that God gave to Caritas in his person.

Rest in peace, Mr. Szabó!