The event began with a common prayer led by bishop László Böcskei. After that, pastor József Rajna, general director of Caritas Catolica has greeted everyone and presented the agenda of the day, followed by reports from various departments.

The results of the internal audit of the organization were presented by the auditor Maria Galiș, pointing out that in the last year there have been positive changes in the efficiency of the use of funds, as well as in the administration of the organization, despite the many challenges they have faced due to the pandemic. "It is important for Caritas to continue to stand by the needy and minimize the effects of the economic recession on the beneficiaries. At the same time Caritas must look for a path to development, even if there is a more difficult time coming"– said Bishop László Böcskei.

The financial balance of the Caritas association was presented by Pentek Enikő, chief accountant, pointing out that the department with the most success in 2021 was the Home Care department, mainly due to the two European projects that are running parallel, which allowed the Caritas nurses to care for more patients for free than in any previous year. More than 450 people have benefited from regular medical and social care in the last year. At the same time, the report paid special attention to the collaboration with the Food Bank, which had a substantial contribution in supporting the services of the Caritas Soup Kitchen.

Among the most important themes  of 2022, the role of the Caritas in the issue of Ukrainian refugees was discussed. As László Böcskei, diocesan bishop, pointed out, assistance will continue to be provided in a targeted manner, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Caritas organisations and in the light of real needs.

The speeches were closed by Dr. Tibor Czier, director of the Tășnad department, who reported that the extension of the infrastructure of the Caritas Center in Tășnad is completed at about 95%. An afterschool program for disadvantaged children will be run in the new rooms.

Following the adoption of the activity reports of the previous year, the participants have unanimously voted the budget plan for 2022.