"These donations are very important and very welcome because these children who are enrolled here do not come from ordinary families like in other schools. On one hand, the donation helps them to stay at school and have the pleasure of coming, sometimes from a very long distance, from the outskirts of the city, even when it rains, even when they do not have a snack for lunch. Students are motivated by donations of this kind. They learn basic patterns of behavior like sharing donations with their peers, empathic thinking. At the same time, teachers also have a tool to attract children to an institution that develops them and will later bring them to a profession and a decent experience of human relations" – said Tünde Antal, religion teacher who expressed gratitude for the collaboration with Caritas Catolica.

Donations will be given to students from 18 normal and a few more afternoon classes, for both Romanian and Hungarian language pupils – over 200 children in total.