Today we had a very special anniversary, as it has been 26 years since Mag. Peter Zidar’s first visit to Oradea in 1995, which was exactly on this day, March the 30th. Since then, he has been continuously supporting the elderly and the poor people in our diocese, for over a quarter of a century. As a general diacon of the Maria Anzbach parish, in St. Polten Diocese, Austria, he does organizing and fundraising to support us; sometimes he helps us with food donations, other times with buying necessary equipment for elderly homes, or by recruiting volunteers and connecting us to other institutions and donor organizations.

He visits us many times in a year, personally bringing the donations and inspecting the results of our common efforts in benefit of the needy. Even in nowadays’ rough travel conditions he accepts the required COVID-testing and hardships of passing through multiple international borderlines, in order to help us.

We wish to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for standing beside us in our mission to help the poor.